Thursday, October 19, 2006

MAC Address Reporting

Sometimes i get asked whether MARS can give me the MAC address of host ABC.

Well yes it can, via one of its built in Queries.

In the example above, i have selected the source address as a single host. This could obviously of been a whole subnet, or select number of hosts.

We need to select the Result Format as MAC Address Report, and submit, over a given time period.

The result given below, will list the known MAC Address for the host, and which device it has queried for it, and more importantly the last time it checked the data.

Now you will notice an "i" next to each IP Address. Clicking on this will give more information that MARS holds for the given host.

Usually MARS would report IP Address, NetBIOS name and Domain if known, but if you are integrating with a 3rd Party Vulnerability Scanner like Qualys or Foundstone or eeye, you will get the host OS, application and vunerability data to.

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