Monday, October 16, 2006

CS-MARS Number 1 in Security Event Management?

I am refering to John Katsaros blog entry below, posted recently.

Quote "We recently checked in with the Cisco MARS team and almost fell off our collective chairs when they told us that, since Cisco started marketing MARS (after getting the product line when it acquired security startup Protego in December, 2004), Cisco now has 2,200 MARS customers (MARS appliance shipments are higher since customers may buy several). Considering that Cisco has been seriously marketing the product for about a year, the run rate of new customer acquisitions must be in the 200 to 300 range. That's incredible since it probably means that MARS has jumped to the number one position in Security Event Management (SEM or SIM, whichever you prefer) market share based on units sold (our guess is that if you add up all the customers that the other SEM vendors have sold, Cisco would now have more than half of the total). That would probably make MARS the fastest growing part in Cisco's security product group. It goes to show the strength of Cisco's marketing prowess -- as a standalone company, Protego had produced an interesting product, but as a startup in the security space, was only getting a minor amount of traction in the SEM space. But in the hands of Cisco, customers view both the products and the category differently."

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