Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Trend Micro DCS MARS Integration

Trend Micro have come up with a new Integration for Cisco MARS, utilising there own Damage Cleanup Services.

Quote"Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Service extends the capability of MARS not just to notify administrators of worm and spyware incidents but to also perform remediation action automatically within seconds after the incident has been identified by MARS. After DCS server completed its remediation process on the attacker’s machine, the DCS action result is sent back to MARS to inform the network administrator of the result of the cleanup if it is successful, fail or an error has occurred."

Process flow for Automatic Remediation

More info on this soon, but there are some relevant links including a DEMO below.

A Datasheet on the Trend DCS Integration can be found HERE

A Video DEMO below with Ryan Holland, of the Cisco Technical Alliance Team, for Trend Micro

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