Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NAC Appliance Custom Parser

The NAC Appliance Custom Parser has been available in the User Group for a while now. I`ve finally found the time to set this up for myself (and not a customer!) in the test lab, so i can produce a demo.

Its really simple to setup, but give yourself a couple of hours, as there are over 60 templates to define.

Once done, MARS can then understand the raw event messages coming in from the Clean Access Manager.

And you can then create your own rules/alerts and reports.

Look out for the demo soon on Demolabs.

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Anonymous said...

I just did this last week for a customer, you are right just give yourself a few hours and follow the instrutions, step by step and it works great. If you are using Cisco NAC and MARS you should take the time to install this parser.