Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finjan Custom Parser

Just an update on some of the work i`ve been involved with recently.

I`ve been busy creating an ISA Server and a Finjan Parser (below), and once complete, these will be shared with the User Group.

I`ll talk more about Finjan, once the parser is complete, but as with any device that is capable of sending MARS syslog or SNMP, we can manipulate the logs, and get MARS to create Incident based on the data.

And then create reports, and display this information in various formats.

Was not me, honest, Guv.

Finally, Congratulations to Todd Allaria, who wins the new Cisco MARS Book, for the winning Logo. I`m sure i`ll soon get time to modify the look and feel of the blog.


Zubair Jalal said...

Hi. I was wondering whether you have completed the parser for ISA and whether you will like to share it...It would be really helpful for the usergroup.

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking for an ISA server parser, it would be fantastic if someone has developed one and they were able to share it