Friday, March 16, 2007

Part 3 of the Custom Parser Demo is now Available

As i mentioned earlier in the week, Part 3 of the Custom Parser demo is now available.

This is a more advanced version of the Custom Parser demo, which is a whopping 15 minutes long.

Now i must admit when i first saw the Custom Parser, and regular expression (PCRE which is perl-compatible regular expressions), i thought, i`d never beable to work this out, and it must be for seasoned developers. But to be honest when you have grasped the basics, it isnt that bad at all.

There are a couple of snippets in the cisco documentation for MARS, which i have separated below for easy reading....

Cisco MARS 4.2 - Configuring Custom Devices

Cisco MARS 4.2 - Regular Expression Reference

There are some tools to help you. (if you can name any other ones i`d be interested)

If i get stuck if i need to create a pattern, i try and use ReguLazy, pictured above.

ReguLazy - is a visual designer for Regular Expressions, and requires little to no knowledge of Regex Syntax for most common and simple parsing activities

This is a great little tool, but it hasnt been updated in a while.

I am also trying to get people to share their Custom Parsers in the User Group, if you are interested join up Cisco MARS User Group.

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