Thursday, March 22, 2007

Guest Article - CS-MARS Compliance Reporting

With compliance a hot topic for many organizations IT Security Management at the moment, i am pleased to provide this great document by Dale Tesch, CS-MARS PSS US/Canada AT Security.

This document maps various compliance regulations from SOX, PCI Data Security Standard and GLBA, and the reports that can help meet those objectives in CS-MARS.


Andy said...

My God! Can't you get rid of that annoying woman? I don't need your website talking to me!

Or at least put your full posts in your RSS feed so I don't have to browse to such an annoying site.

Otherwise, good job. :-)


Chris Durkin said...

I did laugh!, yeah she was getting a bit boring, always repeating the same stuff, abit like the wife, so i`ve kicked her out.

Anthony said...

I haven't read through the entire doc yet, but this is valuable information. I tried compiling something like this on my own a few weeks ago, and I was way in over my head. Thanks!