Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Custom Parser Demo Now Available

Theres a new Cisco MARS Parser flash demo available on Demolabs.

Now to cut a long story short, i`ve decided to split the Parser template demo, into 2 parts.

Part 2, which is available now, is what i would term the BASIC level demo. This doesn`t go into too much detail on actually creating the Parser Patterns, but it useful for getting a basic understanding of what the Custom Parser functionality is for.

Part 3, which should hopefully be ready by the end of the week, is what i would call the ADVANCED demo. A Log Template is created from start to finish.


Anonymous said...

great demo. thank you. help me alot. are ther sites where we can share log templates?

Chris Durkin said...

Hi Try joining the User Group, i am trying to get people to share parser templates

Anonymous said...

Hey nice site. Been using applicance since Protego branded days, a few comments about the custom parser. That demo is great wish it was around 3 years ago. Second the biggest problem with the custom parser is NO copy event feature. If there was a copy feature things would be much easier. And last the "search" feature when applying unknown events to Mars known events is awful just awful. Great site!