Thursday, January 18, 2007

Archiving - Remote Storage Capacity in Days

I blogged a couple of weeks ago, regarding the Remote Storage in Days value, when Archiving.

I had come across an error, where by only a single directory was being created, and no data.

I believed at the time it was due to the Remote Storage Capacity in Days value. I had some comments on this, so i thought i would test this out.

So i set my archiving value to 1 day

And let it run for a couple of days. The correct operation is that, older data will be deleted from the NFS Archive, and from my tests, Yep, that is what happens!

So as can be seen, 1 full days archive is still present on the archive server.

So i have pulled the previous article, as it is complete garbage, but i still havent figured out, what caused it!

Still on the subject of Archiving, i received an email from Nathan, who has had an archiving problem recently, on the new 4.2.3 code. He was archiving to a Windows box running Windows Services for UNIX.

He found that the directories were being created, but no data was actually being stored. Looking into his NFS log file on the windows box, he found..

01-17-2007 11:41:31 CREATE SUCCESS 10.X.X.X \DosDevices\C:\archive\testNfsServer
01-17-2007 11:41:32 DELETE SUCCESS 10.X.X.X \DosDevices\C:\archive\testNfsServer
01-17-2007 11:41:37 CREATE SUCCESS 10.X.X.X \DosDevices\C:\archive\testNfsServer
01-17-2007 11:41:38 DELETE SUCCESS 10.X.X.X \DosDevices\C:\archive\testNfsServer
01-17-2007 11:41:43 CREATE SUCCESS 10.X.X.X \DosDevices\C:\archive\testNfsServer

All seemed fine, except there were no WRITE statements in the logs.

The archive process had hung in some fashion and the solution was restarting the MARS services "pnstop > pnstart" and everything went back to normal.

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