Monday, November 13, 2006

CS-MARS reporting with McAfee ePO

I had chance last week to test MARS with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. I only had time to play around with the Virus functionality, but i plan to test further with the Patch and Compliance pieces too.

Basically McAfee ePO is set as a reporting device to MARS via SNMP alerts.

The Alerts are customisable via the McAfee Console.

MARS takes these alerts to fire Incidents, which could be as simple as a Virus Found and Cleaned as below, or a Worm Traversing the network for multiple alerts.

Now MARS can fire Incidents not just for Virus Events received from ePO. If you look at the shots below, ePO is far from just an AV product, and there are other McAfee products that can report into the ePO console.

and more..........

MARS holds event information for all these Alerts, as pictured below.

Now one of the biggest features of MARS is its reporting functionality. MARS has a list of predefined reports that can be run on the fly or scheduled, in this case under the heading of Client Exploits, Virus, Worm and Malware.

Or we can create our own queries.

In the Book "Security Threat Mitigation and Response", the Author states..

"Antivirus server logs and queries - CS-MARS can use this information to determine the host OS and patch levels. "

As i said earlier, i plan to investigate more with the McAfee solution, and more specifically testing Patch levels on hosts, and reporting this info into MARS.

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