Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Drop me a Line

I`ve been busy recently preparing lots of new articles for the MARS Blog.

PDF copies of all articles should be ready soon, along with Demos/Configurations of McAfee ePO, and Snort Sensors working with MARS.

But, i am open to ideas. So please drop me a line/leave comments below, and let me know who you are, and what you`d like to see!

Any recommendations for enhancements for MARS would be good, and i`ll see if i can get these across to Cisco Product Management.


Anonymous said...

Mike from New York, great blog, i`d like to see a custom parser import/export feature.

Chris said...

Hi Mike, yes i`d love to have that feature to. I have requested this in the past, we`ll have to see if it ever gets implemented.