Thursday, July 08, 2010

MARS Blog Update

You may of noticed that  Gartner left Cisco MARS out of the SIEM Magic Quadrant for 2010 this year. 

And although hard to find, Cisco did come out and say MARS will in future will concentrate on Cisco only devices, and critical host OS. (And then recently released 6.07 with support for Windows 2008)

Cisco have also recently announced Cisco Security Agent has gone End of Sale, but there have been NO similar notices for MARS. It is very much still alive.

But if you are NOT a pure Cisco network, you may be looking at the market, to replace MARS, with another product that can handle your 3rd party applications and devices.

In my next few articles, I am going to review a couple of alternatives, if you are looking to change, and make the most of your network.

But I am, (as always) on the look out for "Guest Articles", on making the most of your MARS deployment. So come on get involved!

Or as I think the direction that the blog may take, Monitoring and Analysis, of your Routers and Switches. (or Monitoring of Applications, Resources and Security.)

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