Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Book Review: Securing the Borderless Network

Book: Securing the Borderless Network
Published By: Cisco Press
Author: Tom Gillis

"Today’s new Web 2.0, virtualization, mobility, telepresence, and collaborative applications offer immense potential for enhancing productivity and competitive advantage. However, they also introduce daunting new security issues, many of which are already being exploited by cybercriminals. Securing the Borderless Network is the first book entirely focused on helping senior IT decision-makers understand, manage, and mitigate the security risks of these new collaborative technologies."

Honestly when this book arrived, I was very sceptical.

Written by Tom Gillis, Vice president and General Manager of the Security Technology Business Unit at Cisco, and only 150 pages, I was not expecting anything special.

The book I would say is aimed at the IT Manager and senior IT decision makers, ie, no CCIE or CCNA material, but it is good read for the IT Professional.

Gillis obviously knows his stuff, and clearly defines what the current Web 2.0 threats and challenges are to todays businesses and beyond.

The book evolves from discussing yesterdays technologies, right up to the current day, with smartphones, malware, DLP issues etc, and what challenges this evolution has now presented us with, regarding the "Borderless Network"

All a quick and enjoyable read, I'd recommend it.

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