Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cisco Netpro MARS Package Sharing

The Netpro Package Sharing facility on Cisco.com, is now open to the public. (previously it hidden, and only truely available by your MARS appliance)

Lets hope this will now encourage people to start sharing rules, reports and of course custom parsers.

Appologies for the lack of postings recently, i`ve been concentrating on getting the Unoffical Cisco Security Agent Blog up and running. Hopefully i`ll put some CSA/MARS articles up soon.

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Tom Johnson said...

I have been trying to import CSA version 6 Management Server and Agents into CS-MARS but the latest code release only allows for version 4.x and 5.x of CSA to be used. I have tried to use 5.x but no data is seen from these devices and I can't see the option to disocver the agents.

Do you have any info on if CSA version 6 is supported?