Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cisco NAC Appliance 4.5 Parser Available

Looks like, there is now a draft DSF package for NAC Appliance 4.5 been uploaded to the MARS Package Sharing Exchange.

But my only grievance with this exchange, is that there is no where to tell users what the import passwords are.

Hence one reason, i put the Lancope Stealthwatch 5.7 Package, as an import password of: lancope

So if anyone knows the import pass for the NAC Appliance 4.5 parser, please let me know!


chyps said...

Cisco NAC Appliance 4.5 Parser - Draft v2:
Import password = nac45import
Unlock password = nac45unlock

chyps said...

Update...Cisco NAC Appliance 4.5 Parser v2 reposted without password protection...same parser as before but "Draft" removed from title since no issues reported with parser.