Monday, April 30, 2007

RAW Event Query Limits

Heres an error, that you may come across now and again, in a large MARS setup, with multiple users having access to the reporting console.

Basically, there are limits on the number of Raw Event Queries, that can be run simultaneously, and rightly so!, unless you want your MARS box to run like a dog :-)

The limits for the various models are as follows...

  • MARS 20R - 1 Raw Event Query
  • MARS 20 - 2 Raw Event Query
  • MARS 50 - 3 Raw Event Query
  • MARS 100e & Above - 5 Raw Event Query

I`m on the lookout for MARS stories/Parsers/Integrations for up coming articles. If you fancy putting something together please get in contact.

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