Monday, April 09, 2007

Cisco NAC Appliance Custom Parser

Following on from the recent Custom Parser demos, I am very pleased to be able to provide this great CS-MARS custom parser guide for the Cisco NAC Appliance, or Clean Access as it was previously known.

Many thanks to the author, a CSE out of Ohio named Craig Hyps, for allowing this to be published.

Cisco Systems TAC supports the custom parser functionality; however, it does not support or provide assistance in building or troubleshooting custom parsers.

As i`ve previously said, i`m keen to share Parsers in the Cisco MARS User Group, and this is one file i have recently uploaded.

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Anonymous said...

How are partners suppose to make money with you posting awesome material like this! :) J/K

I hear the guys over at Priveon are making a really world class NAC Appliance class, might be beneficial to let the MARS community know!