Monday, February 05, 2007

Connection to Remote NFS Archive Fails

What happens when your NFS Archive Server goes down?

Well i must admit, i was surprised earlier today, when changing some configs in the LAB, that i received an email from my MARS box, telling me the NFS Archive was unreachable.

I`m not sure if this is a new feature, or its always been in there, but it looks like MARS will automatically email the Adminstrator email address, every 2 hours if the NFS is unreachable.

Now i will try to confirm this, but i cannot find a MARS rule for this event. (Unless someone can point me to one?)

So it looks like this is backend stuff.


Mark said...

What happens if at 2:00 (the time the sys config is archived - can not change), the nfs server is unavailable? Is the config archive queued until NFS is available?


Jim Thomas said...

This has always been there. Its cause issues in the past when the NFS share fills up. We get the same message and since NFS puts a lock on the directory, you'll have to stop the NFS service on MARS, relocate/upgrade space on the share and then restart services.