Thursday, February 08, 2007

Collaborative Threat Control: Securing the Whole Network

Cisco released a news article yesterday, revealing the updates to many products in the Security Portfolio.

Read about it here.... or summarised on Mikes Mars Blog here, hopefully MARS 4.3 is just around the corner then!

Cisco® today announced significant new capabilities for enhanced collaboration among several products and services in its security portfolio, simplifying the ability for organizations to control and contain information security threats in a more coordinated, flexible fashion across networks while streamlining management and protecting confidential communications to remote users.

The collective enhancements involve Cisco's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Cisco Security Agent (CSA), Cisco Security Mitigation Analysis and Response System (CS-MARS), Cisco Security Manager (CSM) and Cisco's Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network (SSL VPN). Together, the enhancements mark the latest evolution of Cisco's Self-Defending Network - a comprehensive framework incorporating various endpoint and network security products into an integrated, collaborative and adaptive security solution for organizations of all sizes.

Cisco's enhanced security portfolio includes Cisco IPS 6.0, CSA 5.2, CS-MARS 4.3, and CSM 3.1 - four products that combine to coordinate visibility, network-wide protection, simplified policy management and dynamic threat mitigation in order to maintain business continuity. These releases strengthen Cisco's approach to coordinated defense by extending beyond the typical standalone nature of these product classes and establishing a vital relationship between the network and its endpoints. This helps ensure that all potential entry points can be protected in a coordinated fashion.

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