Thursday, May 14, 2009

6.0.3 Patch Available

Thanks to Jeremy Wood in the MARS User Group for pointing out there is a patch available for MARS release 6.0.3

"I was noticing that I had a bunch of Drop rules that were not
triggering correctly after upgrading to 6.0.3 and in my quest for a
solution ran across a patch here:

Looks like it fixes the following problems:
CSCsz14701 - some drop rules do not drop packets after 602 to 603 upgrade
CSCsz22056 - Mars http access to JBoss Application Server info"

Thanks Jeremy.

Also you may be interested to note that a new version of the Cisco NAC Appliance 4.5 Parser Package is now available, without an import password! 

This is a v2 of the package, without the word Draft. Thanks to Craig Hyps for pointing this out.

You can get this from the MARS Parser exchange under the Netpro Forums on

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Bob said...

Incidentally, the 6.0.3 patch and patch readme can both be downloaded from the MARS Miscellaneous CCO site:

It is only required if you encounter one of those two bugs.

Bob Lin
CS-MARS Release Manager and Escalation Engineer