Monday, March 10, 2008

MARS 25, 25R and 55 on the Horizon

I noticed on CDW that pricing for the new Cisco MARS 25, 25R and 55 models was available.




To my knowledge these new 1U, Gen2 based models are not yet released, but looking on, information on the models is starting to slip out...

The information above, taken from the 5.3 install guide. Interesting to note that the 55 model, has a field replaceable hot swappable drives.

More info on these models, soon.

So what else is new? Well... the Cisco MARS User Group, now has over 700 members, this is great.

I also noticed a new voicemail feature that google were pushing for blogger, but it was only available to US members. So i`ve created my own via skype. Any comments, requests for articles etc, leave me a voicemail!

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