Thursday, February 21, 2008

Network World’s 20 Useful Sites for Cisco Networking Professionals

This morning I was honoured to find out, that i am featured in Network World`s 20 useful sites for Cisco networking professionals.

Quote "If you're studying for Cisco exams and just about to tear your hair out, don't fret, there are many others in the same position, and many of them are writing up their experiences in their blogs and passing along hints and tips. Even if you're a CCIE pro, there's always room for personal improvement and expansion. With that in mind we've scoured the Web to bring you our top 20 most useful Web resources for Cisco networking professionals. Of course, we don't want you to forget the resources and blogs of Cisco Subnet and our own bloggers, so we'll give a recap of our own Cisco resources and bloggers at the end of our top 20 list. Compiled by Jim Duffy and Linda Leung"

Let me say a big thank you to the folks at network world for mentioning the blog, and a big welcome to any new readers.


Anonymous said...

congrats man

Anonymous said...

well done, great blog