Monday, December 10, 2007

CS-MARS 5.3.2 Support for Wireless Controllers

The ASK the expert forum has now finished, but you can still go over to the ASK the Expert Forums and read the posts.

One that caught my eye, was the question "will there be a native support for Cisco access-points in further releases? "

And Gary Halleen`s reponse, "Cisco access points will be supported through integration with the wireless controllers. This support comes in the 5.3.2 release, which we'll see on CCO in just a few days.

Be warned, though, that this wireless support will not be available in the 4.3.2 release that runs on the Generation 1 appliances. Only the Generation 2 appliances.

Support for wireless controllers on Generation 1 appliances won't be available until 6.0 comes out this spring."

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