Sunday, July 15, 2007

Book Review: Self-Defending Networks

Book: Self-Defending Networks: The Next Generation of Network Security
Author: Duane De Capite
Publisher: Cisco Press

Quote: "This security primer provides unique insight into the entire range of Cisco security solutions, showing what each element is capable of doing and how all of the pieces work together to form an end-to-end Self-Defending Network. While other books tend to focus on individual security components, providing in-depth configuration guidelines for various devices and technologies, Self-Defending Networks instead presents a high-level overview of the entire range of technologies and techniques that comprise the latest thinking in proactive network security defenses."

Well i must admit i agree with the above quote. I read this book over the weekend, its quite slim for a CiscoPress book, only 250 pages.

Its definitely not a deep technical read, and you wouldn't beable to maintain all the products listed with this book alone. If that is what you are looking for, then you would be best buying the individual Cisco Press books for ASA, NAC, MARS etc...

But it does give an overview of a variety of Cisco security technologies, including the Cisco Guard DDoS mitigation appliances (which i haven't found in any Book so far, but i`m starting to get involved with), the ASA, including the IPS and Content Security and Control Security Modules, ICS (Incident Control Service), CSA, NAC Appliance, MARS, Cisco Security Manager and a small section on 802.1x/NAC Framework.

The book ideal for someone at CCNA or Management Level, or somebody new to Cisco Security Technologies who is looking for an overview of the Technologies on offer, without going too technical in any one area.

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