Friday, June 29, 2007


As i`ve mentioned a few times!, the new Cisco MARS book, by Gary Halleen and Greg Kellogg is out very soon.

I`m looking to improve the Blog as its looking a bit bland, especially the header. So i`ve decided to hold a competition. I know lots of you are dab hands at photoshop/ fireworks/paintshop /colouring in with crayons! etc.

So i`ve decided the competition will be to design a new header image for the blog. And the prize?

The prize will be a copy of the new MARS book, and the fame and fortune (not quite) of having your work displayed on the blog. And i`ll ship this world wide at my own cost.


1) Image should be around 765 x 157 pixels
2) Image should not contain the Cisco Logo (you know how funny they can be)
3) Be your own work, feel free to snapshot the MARS interface
4) Closes July 16th
5) Send your entries to my email address opposite
6) Winner will be decided by.... err, Me!

Thats it, good luck.

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basserman said...

So who won the competition??