Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Generation 2 MARS Appliances

Well you may of heard rumours of a range of new MARS appliances, and yep they are now orderable, and soon be available!

Gen2 Part Codes


All the new MARS G2 appliances are 2U in form factor, have dual-PSU and have fewer disk drives, which offers an increase in overall reliability

The Cisco Security MARS Gen2 Appliances are available for the moment in 4 different models.

These are the 110R, the 110, 210 and a new Global Controller GC2.

These appliances are what is termed the next-generation appliances. See the specs below..

They will deliver upto 2x the storage and 1.5x the performance of the old generation 1 appliances.

These new appliances will run the v5 track of software, which offers many new enhancements.

New Gen2 Software Enhancements

A new Enhanced pnrestore options to restore data in time slices
New Support for raw messages greater than 500 bytes
A New keyword search process
Super New IP log enhancements for viewing IPS IP packets
A licensing upgrade will be available for customers on 110R to upgrade to the 110 platform.

More Info? Contact your local Cisco sales rep.

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